how to crochet a pot leaf

marijuana leaf pattern

this shows the two leaves that you will need to make your pot leaf you will need three 12 chained leaves and two 10 chained  marijuana leaf pattern

marijuana leaf pattern


Time Lapse of Indoor Weed Plants Growing {2} Watch Weed Grow FAST!

I don't know what it is about time lapse Weed grow videos, but I LOVE them! It's fun to watch Weed grow in  marijuana leaf pattern

Home Made Roundup Alternative

Not as strong or lasting as Round up but effective A recipe for home made weed killer , just one variation of home made weed 

Moldy Weed?

It doesn't exactly smell like regular skunk. It smells partly skunky and partly like tea. Reason I'm suspicious is that when I  marijuana leaf pattern

Marijuana Use - Ten Tips for How and Why to Quit

This video presents 10 tips for why not to smoke marijuana, and how to quit if you do. These health recommendations are based